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To follow the evolution of my work, you need to subscribe to a paid membership of $750/month.

I know, I know, it’s not cheap, but the rent is not cheap either. Furthermore, to afford writing, all content of this blog is protected by the ADAGP, who manages my author’s rights according to French law. You cannot use any of my writings nor any of my drawings at all. To learn more about my work, you can contact the ADAGP.

I am maintaining this website to organize my creativity, drawings, pictures, creative writing, videos. I am working on different projects, I am inspired differently day after day and I keep track of my work here. This is a way for me to journal and to update my progress in order to share with my sponsors, producers, art show judges and juries. It is also a motivation to keep organized. Some drawings will be available to rent or to buy.

I might write in French and/or in English. If I get sponsored, I will add the plugins for automatic audio translations.



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